JIC Fittings: An Introduction For Curious Industrial Supply Enthusiasts

For some, there is something incredibly fascinating about industrial processes and everything that it takes to make it possible for specific tasks and situations to occur. Even though being insanely interested in industrial supplies may not mean you have a lot of people who share your enthusiasm, this does not change the fact that you need to feed your need for knowledge. Even the smallest bits and pieces used in industrial operations can have a lot to appreciate, and JIC fittings are just one example. Read More 

Seven Applications For Custom Military Cable Assemblies

Military cable assemblies are essential for a variety of applications that require reliable operation in situations where exposure to extremes in temperature, shock, chemicals, and vibration can be expected.  Many military operations depend on custom cable assemblies to protect lives and ensure victory in dangerous scenarios. The following are seven applications that require custom military cable assemblies to ensure reliable operation. Neglecting the use of military grade cable can compromise the success of sensitive missions involving these types of equipment. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Cutting Fluids

If you are involved in the machining industry, then you might cut and work with metals all the time. Even though it's not necessarily required for you to use cutting fluids when doing so, you might find that using cutting fluids when cutting and working with metal is the best choice. Here's why. 1. It Helps Keep Temperatures Cooler First of all, you should think about how hot your equipment gets when you are working with metal. Read More 

Starting A New Job Working With Metal Fabrication? How To Ensure Your Safety On The Job

If you're about to start a new job, it's important that you keep your safety at the forefront of your thoughts. This is particularly true if you're going to be working with metal fabrication. This is one career where you don't want to cut corners, or take your safety for granted. The equipment you'll be working with can cause serious injuries if not handled properly. Not to mention the injuries you can receive if you don't handle the metal sheets properly. Read More 

Tips For Ensuring That You Are Not Accidentally Wasting Propane

When you need to count on having enough propane to run machinery or to keep the place warm, you need to ensure that you are not accidentally wasting any of it. Sure, you will still need to call for the occasionally fuel delivery as you use up some of your existing supply, but you do not want to have to do that more often than normal. Check out the following information to learn how you may be wasting propane without even realizing it. Read More