Two Different Types Of Soil Grouting

When building a large structure, it is important for the ground underneath the structure to be strong. You need the soil and bedrock under the structure you are building to be able to support the weight of the structure. Oftentimes, in order for the ground to be able to support a large structure, improvements to the ground need to be made before the structure is established. Soil grouting is one of the processes used to improve the strength of the soil. Two of the different soil grouting methods used are compaction grouting and jet grouting.

#1 Compaction Grouting

Compaction grouting is used to improve native soils as well as loose fills. It can be used on numerous types of soil. It can also be used regardless of whether the soil is above or below your local water table.

Compaction grouting is when a casing that is small in diameter is pushed into the soil to a depth that was determined based on information about the soil in your area. A mixture of cementitious grout mix is pushed into this casing using high pressure. This mixture is pushed into the soil as the casing is slowly removed. As the mixture dries and cures, it will stabilize and strengthen the soil.

This process can be used not only on new structures, but it can be used to stabilize existing structures as well. When used on existing structures, the casing and grout is usually injected at an angle under the existing foundation or under the existing floor slabs.

#2 Jet Grouting

Jet grouting is another type of soil grouting technique. It can be used on soil that is both above and below the local water table. It can be used on a wide variety of different types of soil as well.

Jet grouting injects a cementitious grout mix into the soil in an entirely different manner than compaction grouting. Jet grouting literally uses arsenal jets to inject the cementitious mixture into the ground. No casing is using with jet grouting. The high pressure created by the jets cuts through the soil, and allows the cementitious grout mixture to mix with the existing soil. The result are strong columns that are made out of a mixture of soil and grout.

Jet grouting can also be performed before the structure is made or to stabilize an existing structure. A custom drilling team can inspect your building site or building, examine the soil, and determine which method is the best for your particular needs.