Seven Applications For Custom Military Cable Assemblies

Military cable assemblies are essential for a variety of applications that require reliable operation in situations where exposure to extremes in temperature, shock, chemicals, and vibration can be expected. 

Many military operations depend on custom cable assemblies to protect lives and ensure victory in dangerous scenarios. The following are seven applications that require custom military cable assemblies to ensure reliable operation. Neglecting the use of military grade cable can compromise the success of sensitive missions involving these types of equipment.

Communications equipment

Maintaining functioning communications equipment throughout a mission is essential. Communications equipment typically requires extensive wiring.

If communications equipment is located in a combat situation or in a situation that could be subjected to intense weather or shelling, military cable should be connecting it. Otherwise, communication lines could easily be cut, and personnel could be left powerless in dangerous terrain. 

Radar units

Detection of enemy equipment or vessels via radar is essential to remaining adequately defended in a combat situation. Radar units should be hooked up with custom military cable systems to increase their durability and functionality.

Automated weapons systems

Automated weapons systems are depended upon to cover and protect personnel on the ground. They are often targeted by enemy fire if they are causing significant losses for the enemy.

Military cable keeps automated weapons systems working as long as possible even when systems are under fire. 

Unmanned vehicles

Maintaining a connection with unmanned vehicles is vitally important because these vehicles must be controlled remotely. No member of personnel is sitting behind the wheel to direct such vehicles, and they are often operating over dangerous terrain.

Military cabling maximizes the chances that control of unmanned vehicles can be maintained in even the most rugged conditions. 

Support and combat vehicles

Vehicles on the ground require heavy duty cabling to maintain connections. Military grade cable keeps mechanical and communication systems functioning properly throughout the entire extent of a mission until repairs can be performed after mission completion. 

Mine detection equipment

Mine detection equipment needs to be able to stand up to intense bombardment in order to keep conflict zones safe for personnel on the ground.

Military cable can maximize the lifespan of mine detection equipment and keep personnel on the ground safe while traversing contested territory. 

Intelligence information systems

Relaying intelligence information is one of the most important aspects of keeping military personnel safe and winning military conflicts.

Military grade cabling for intelligence information systems ensures that intelligence will be relayed from war and combat zones where equipment may be frequently or constantly under fire.