Hiring A Crane For A Residential Project? Take A Look At These FAQs

Any time you take charge of a major construction project on your own residential property, you will be faced with some pretty intimidating choices, but this is especially true if the project you are tackling is large enough that hiring a crane will be a necessity. Whether it is demolishing an old building you need out of the way or hoisting heavy construction pieces to a second-floor renovation, a crane truly is a valuable piece of equipment to have around. Yet, the process of hiring a crane or renting a crane with no experience can make you feel a little out of your comfort zone. Take a quick look at these common FAQs about hiring or renting a crane to help you out. 

Where is the best place to hire a crane?

Crane operators often work on a contract basis as sole proprietors, which means they basically own a crane and use it to complete various job orders as they come in. In a lot of cases, these crane operators are even hired by major construction companies to complete a specific part of a project. Therefore, if you cannot find an individual owner-operator in your area, get in touch with a local construction company since they may be able to help. Additionally, there are some companies who rent heavy equipment like cranes to average consumers. 

What does it mean if a company offers a bare crane?

In your search for a crane, there is no question that you will happen upon some advertisement for something called a bare crane. This may sound like a crane without attachments or something along those lines, but a bare crane actually just means the crane is rented or contracted without an operator. If you go for a bare crane rental, you will need to either hire a qualified professional to man the crane or have experience with this equipment yourself. 

Is it true that cranes cannot be used in some areas?

Some areas have extensive restrictions where heavy equipment operation is concerned, especially if you live in a residential neighborhood in close proximity to other homes. Also, it is a good idea to keep in mind that crane delivery to some locations is not logical, either due to overhead clearance issues or lack of stable roadways. Before you get to a point in your project where you need a crane, it is a good idea to consider the restrictions that could make hiring a crane an impossible feat.