What To Look For When Shopping For New Hospitality Tables

If you run a hotel or restaurant, you have the need for different kinds of hospitality tables. When you're shopping for new tables, it's important to buy high-quality pieces so they can endure a lot of use and last several years. With good care, high-quality hospitality tables can last until you're ready to redecorate your building and change the type of tables you have.

Here are things to look for and compare when shopping for hospitality tables

The Materials Used In Construction

Hospitality tables are made to higher standards than typical household furniture. Tables in restaurants and hotels see heavy use and they can even be abused by visitors to your establishment.

In addition to finding tables with quality construction, you'll also want tables made from sturdy materials, such as solid wood, metal, and granite. Glass might even be an acceptable option in some settings. You have to consider both the durability of the material and its appearance since you want tables that fit your decor.

The Size And Shape Of The Tables

Size is an important consideration when it comes to restaurant tables. You need to maximize the space in your restaurant so you can seat more people, but you also have to leave plenty of space around the tables so large people can get in their chairs easily. The way you arrange the tables matters when it comes to space.

You can choose square, round, and rectangular tables. Most of your tables will be for seating just a few customers since a large table takes up a lot of space unnecessarily if the seats aren't all filled. Pushing smaller tables together might work better than buying family-size tables.

The Style

Some hospitality tables have classic looks that never go out of style, while others are trendy. You may want trendy tables for an upscale or artistic setting. You might even have custom tables made if it's within your budget. The style of your furniture affects the mood in your hotel or restaurant, so it's worth looking at several options and comparing them.

When looking at hospitality tables, no matter what style you get, be sure to keep basics in mind. Buy tables that have solid footing so they are stable, and that can bear the amount of weight they may need to hold.

Keep in mind the type of customers you have and what they may be likely to do. You don't want tables that could tip or collapse and make you liable for injuries, so stability and safety are important concerns when shopping for new hospitality tables.