Features That Most Vendor Credentialing Networks Should Have

Vendors often must be put in contact with patients. When this happens, there's a risk that some vendors will not have the proper immunizations and may be exposed to infectious diseases or expose patients to infectious diseases. A system needs to be put in place to make sure that vendors have received the proper immunizations.

The Role of Automated Vendor Credentialing Systems

Automated vendor credentialing systems are not only necessary for patient safety, but also for making sure that vendors meet all of their agreements with a hospital. Over time, vendor credentialing systems have become more automated, starting off as in-house solutions and eventually being rolled out to other facilities. However, every facility is different and the best vendor credentialing system can be customized to meet the unique needs of your facility. You will not only need custom credentials, but also custom policies. 

The Importance of Access to Credentialing Documents

For team members to be able to manage the credentialing process, they must be able to access key documents at any time. For team members to be able to effectively use the credentialing system and documents, they must be properly trained. Fortunately, many credentialing programs offer a variety of training programs that can be used. 

Credentialing Systems and Government Audits

To help your hospital meet all necessary requirements, it's important to make sure that key team members have access to information related to government audits. It's also important for the system to allow for access to multiple facilities so that personnel can manage these facilities from a single platform.  

Credentialing Managers and Productivity

Credential managers are a useful feature because they can allow you to have access to multiple representatives and access their credentials. This can be useful when an issue arises, such as when a representative is denied access when he or she should have the right credentials.

The Role of Document Repositories 

Vendor credentialing systems ensure that you have access to a document repository. When documentation is missing or expired, representatives can be informed so they can take the necessary steps to avoid having access denied, leading to unnecessary inconveniences.

Credentials Allow Representatives to Access the Right Facilities

Once vendors have received the proper credentials, they must be given a badge. This will give the vendors permission over which areas they will have access to. These representatives must also check in to make sure that they have received the right credentials.