How To Package Your Cannabis Products

In many states, cannabis is now a legal and viable business. If you're thinking about joining in on the opportunity, you probably have all sorts of questions, including those about how you will package your product. As you may have suspected, there is an ideal way to go about this step. Learn about some of the helpful tips you should keep in mind to package your cannabis products. 

Regulatory Concerns

If you're thinking about the idea of starting your own cannabis dispensary, you've probably done a great deal of research already. However, you need to put your research hat on again. While cannabis is legal, states have very clear guidelines as it pertains to how these products may be distributed, including how they can be packaged. 

For example, the exit bag in which you contain your product will typically have strict labeling guidelines. The idea behind clear labels is to ensure the consumer knows exactly what they are getting. If you don't adhere to these guidelines, you could face fines or lose your license. 


Again, while cannabis is legal, there are still plenty of concerns. One major concern is the safety of children. As a licensed dispensary you will be expected to protect the welfare of children. A large part of accomplishing this goal is to design your packaging with childproof options. 

A small child should not be able to quickly open the package and gain access to the contents of the package. Childproof packages are typically made from thicker materials and require the individual to cut the bag, instead of being able to open it with their hands. A custom packaging company can help you with this step. 

Space Consciousness

For many businesses, the packaging is one of their most significant cost. However, with cannabis, luck is on your side. Cannabis is a very small product, and it's quite flexible, in that it can be compacted to fit into a very small space. You can use this feature to your advantage when you are designing packaging for your products. 

Ideally, you should choose a plastic material that can be compressed as necessary to keep the product from taking up unnecessary space. The smaller the packaging, the more products you can fit into a small space, which means the less you have to pay for extra storage cost. Contact a company like Package Design Global for all your packaging needs. A custom design company will be able to create a packaging option for you that works well for you, and most importantly, for your customers also.