Installing Propane In Your Home

Propane gas has many uses in your home and in many areas, the cost of buying gas is cheaper than other fuels. While it is safe when it is installed properly, the gas has some properties that anyone working with it should understand. Propane is not something you want to try and install yourself, and your local gas company can help you get the line run into your home if you ask them to.

Properties Of Propane

While propane is colorless and odorless in its raw start, you can smell propane because it has an additive put in it by the refinery. Without the odor additive, it would be very hard to tell if the propane was leaking from the container. Since propane is heavier than air, it can sink to the ground and collect in pockets of gas that are easily ignited by a spark or open flame. Without the odor additive in the gas, pockets like that could go undetected until they are ignited or dissipate in the wind. The addition of the additive makes it easier for safety workers to find the gas and mechanical disperse it.

Safety In The Home

Propane can be used in the home as fuel for your furnace, for your water heater, your stove and even the clothes dryer. All of these appliances should be set up by a qualified installer that is familiar with propane gas and the safety measures that need to be in place. Most modern gas appliances have safety systems built into them that shut off the gas if they are not working right and most have electronic igniters now, leaving the pilot light of the past behind.

If you are having new propane service installed at your home, be sure to have any appliances that are going to run off the propane in place so that the installer can run lines to them. The installer will most likely install shut offs on the lines as well so that if there is a leak, you can shut the gas off to that appliance without shutting down the entire system.

Cost Savings and Propane

For many years propane was considered cheaper than fuel oil or heating oil for your heating system. Today the price change as often as heating oil and gasoline do so when it is cheap or not today depends on the market. Propane does burn cleaner than oil, so it does not require as much service time which can lower your operating costs over time. You still need to service your furnace and other appliances as recommended by the manufacturer, but you may find that they don't need it as often. 

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