Barrier Systems For Your Company Parking Lot

When parking is limited, you need to devise ways to ensure that outsiders don't start using the parking lot. Luckily, there are many parking barrier systems that can be implemented in order to ensure that you and your employees can restrict parking to yourselves. Check out the systems below to determine which might be most suitable for your budget and lot.

Basic Swing Arm

Generally regarded at the most affordable and simplest barrier system, a wood or metal swing arm that moves as people approach the lot is one choice that's available. The sight of an arm blocking the lot will encourage people to drive to another location. If you have a bit more money to allot to the system, you can erect a ticket-giving station if you want to charge people to park in the lot. The ticket-giving station can also accommodate an intercom system that will allow people to speak with employees or security guards tasked with keeping track of visitors to the building.

The only thing to keep in mind with an arm system is that if you use wood, be aware that a car traveling at a high enough speed will be able to get past it. You might instead use steel or another metal.

Metal Bollards

Perhaps the strongest and most impenetrable system, metal bollards can entirely block various entrances and exits. These pillars will stand a few inches apart from each other and block any entry. Usually they are retractable, which means that they move down and underground after a code is entered or a visitor is given the all-clear from an intercom.

Fencing and Gates

You can also select a fence or gate as a barrier system. One perk of this kind of parking system is that you can typically choose any look for the fence or gate you choose. You can select an elaborate iron gate, for example, or you might choose a thick, wood gate that prevents outsiders from even looking into your lot. The gate can be remote-operated and visitors can enter by talking with someone in the building, most likely a security guard that can allow them in and close the fence or gate behind them.

With these available systems, you should be able to keep outsiders from parking in your building's lot. Consulting contractors in the area to talk more about your options is a task you might want to take care of soon. Contact a company like Eastco; Mfg Corp to learn more.